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Powertac Lights

Wholesale Van Os Imports B.V. is supplier of tactical lights brand Powertac. Powertac is an American brand / company that focuses on the development of top notch tactical lights. The Powertac lights are made of high-quality materials and have a high level in the number of lumens.

At Wholesale Van Os Imports B.V. You can go for various tactical lights to use for different subject areas. The Powertac lights are known because of the professional quality and have lifelong guarantee. Van Os Imports offers the Powertac headlight with 1300 Lumens and many more tactical lights. You will also find various Powertac pocket-sized tactical lights in the product range of Wholesale Van Os.

About the Powertac brand
PowerTac was created with the vision of providing high quality light that incorporates not just powerful but also tactical features. The ultimate goal is to provide a portable lighting device built for mission critical applications as well as withstanding typical everyday use of consumers. With the tactical knowledge and mission critical concept in mind, Powertac is committed to:

  1. Combining modern electronic technology, material science and painstaking assembly work.
  2. Utilizing cutting edge LED technology, military grade electronics, pinpoint accuracy, and precision machining.
  3. The outcome is products with unparalleled performance, true tactical interface, multi-functionality, and life saving solid reliability to real professionals and individuals in the toughest situations.

PowerTac is designed for everyone in every arena of life; Police officers, military, outdoorsmen, young or elderly, male or female.