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469314 Box Army paint 1 ltr. 6 pieces


Fosco Industries® Army Paint 1 liter

Army paint 1 ltr
NSN 8010-17-007-7052
These colors are exactly the same as the spray paint!

Technical data:
Base: combinazione resina alta-solida.
Gloss: Mat
Viscosità: leggera tixotropica
Applicazione: pennello
Preparazione della superficie: deve essere pulito, asciutto, privo di olio e grasso.
Diluizione: spirito bianco

Apply primer in certain cases, eg with primer.
Drying time: approx. 2 hours (dust-dry at 20 degrees Celsius), approx. 6 hours (tack-free), approx. 24 hours (thumb-tight), curing: approx. 7 days

These paint cans can only be ordered in boxes of 6 pieces!
When ordering, enter 1, you will receive 1 box of 6 pieces. If you enter 2, you will get 2 boxes = 12 pieces.

Order amount

Amount of paint cans

1 box

6 paint cans

2 boxes

12 paint cans

3 boxes

18 paint cans

4 boxes

24 paint cans

Weight (gr): 10200.00
Brand: Fosco Industries