For more than 70 years, Van Os Imports B.V. has been developing unique knowledge and expertise in the markets of Military gear and Outdoor equipment. The 101 INC brand was introduced in 2012 and has been focusing on the dynamic worlds Airsoft and Outdoor ever since. The 101 INC brand mission is to provide well-thought-out equipment for as well the fanatic Airsofter as the passionate adventurer who loves the outdoors. Tactical outdoor gear to fulfill the adventurous needs of two worlds full of adrenaline!

Due to the continue development of new equipment, the 101 INC assortment has grown to a serious amount of tactical outdoor products. The products of 101 INC range from tactical clothing to combat boots, and from tactical gloves to more than 1400 PVC patches.

An adventurous brand on a mission!

101 INC
Do you want to buy 101 INC products or accessories for your store or web store? Van Os Imports is the wholesaler of the brand 101 INC. We sell for example 101 INC boots and 101 INC knives for the business market.

101 INC is a brand of high quality products. Van Os Imports has as a wholesaler, a wide range of army-, Navy-, security-, and airsoft items from the brand 101 INC. Do you have as a shop any doubts about which products are suitable for you? We are pleased to advise you. 

Which kind of products has Van Os Imports as a wholesaler in their assortment?
One of the products is the 10 INC army trousers. The 101 INC army trouser is a tactical trouser. The trouser is available in different colors. The nickname for this army trouser is the Tactical Warrior trouser and is made 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The advantage of the army trouser is the knee protection of the knees. Besides that there are various integrated storage pockets in the trouser. It becomes easy to stowaway your stuff.

101 INC boots are also available. The recon boots from 101 INC are made of buffalo leather with nylon and Cordura. Cordura is a brand name for various sorts of fabrics. The boots has a rubber sole, which is slip- and oil resistant. The lining of the boots is breathable. The advantages of the 101 INC recon boots are lightweight and its flexibility. The boots are available in different sizes and colors.

Van Os Imports has as wholesaler also different kinds of 101 INC knives in their assortment. We have survival knives and folding knives of our own label 101 INC. One of our survival knifes is the Thunder knife. The Thunder knife is made of 100% steel and has a plastic sheath as protection. 101 INC has released this knife in the color black with silver stripes. This gives the knife a striking appearance. The complete length of this knife is 21,8cm and the blade is 11cm.

The 101 INC Medic knife is a folding knife. The knife has a tooled handgrip with an emblem. It has a medic logo in the middle. The 101 INC knife can be fold easily through a handy folding system. Another advantage of this knife is its special system to cut a belt or a rope.

101 INC has also airsoft helmets, like the Mich Fast helmet. The stability of the 101 INC helmet is adjustable by a knob. Through the knob you can adjust the helmet to the size of the head. Also thanks to the 8 ventilation holes, it provides enough ventilation so you can wear it for a prolonged time. The helmet is equipped with rails. This rail is ideal to mount a head light, camera or goggles. Because of this, it makes the Mich Fast helmet an all-round helmet. The 101 INC helmet is also equipped with Velcro, so there is enough space to stick your patches on.

If you want to offer as a store or company 101 INC items or 101 INC accessories. At Van Os Imports you are the right place!

If you have any inquiries regarding our 101 INC products or which 101 INC accessories we would recommend for your store? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We are eager to help you further.