Wholesale Van Os Imports B.V. is supplier of the French brand Bollé. The brand Bollé is an important supplier of safety goggles and tactical goggles. Bollé has been pursuing the same single objective for more than a hundred years: to detect all possible work environment risks and provide tangible technological solutions and specifically targeted treatments, that comply with the most stringent European Standards.

Industry, public works, construction, aeronautics or the military, Bollé Safety caters to all markets and constantly improves its models with technological and ergonomic solutions to satisfy users daily. At Bollé Safety, they are constantly innovating to bring to each specific trade, effective protection solutions that are pleasant to wear. Always bearing in mind that the best protection are those that make you want to wear them, Bollé Safety is developing complete product lines that are tailored to the needs of its users. Bollé Safety is also the culture of sport and design: a shared culture with Bollé Sunglasses. It is the shared commitment to providing the highest quality protection for it's users which is why the Bollé brand is a strong brand.

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