Security equipment and clothing
Do you want to sell security clothing for your store or web store? Van Os Imports is your wholesaler in security clothing and security items. We sell various security clothing for the business market. For professions in the security branch, it is important that the personnel have the correct appearance and required authority. We as wholesaler are specialists in security clothing and we offer as well a wide range of these products. The security clothing from Van Os Imports is very comfortable, is color fast and is from high quality. With our assortment, you as store or web store; can offer a complete package of security clothing to your customers.

Which security clothing has Van Os Imports in their assortment?
As a wholesaler, Van Os Imports has various security clothing in their assortment. One of these products is the security trouser. This trouser is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester canvas material. The benefit of this trouser is that it has multiple pockets and reinforced knees. Besides this, it features also an elastic waist band to accommodate multiple sizes.  Van Os Imports has also matching outerwear. Most of the security personnel work outside in rainy or colder days. In these circumstances, warm and comfortable outerwear is required, like polo shirts, sweaters and security jackets.

As a store, you would like to offer a security employee the correct security clothing.
Indispensable are the security boots, also known as recon boots. These boots are made from Buffalo leather, nylon and Cordura. These boots have slip free and oil-resistant rubber soles. Another benefit is the fully removable inner sole. The fact that security boots have reinforced toes, they are still very flexible and light weight. At last, Van Os Imports has also for your store or web store, security items to complement the outfit of the security employee or security guard. Personnel in the security business have to deal often with tense and violent situations. It has the great importance that they can defend themselves with the required resources.

Hand cuffs, rubber baton are accessories that can be attached onto a duty belt and security clothing. A duty belt is a belt where you can mount various security accessories onto it In this way the security personnel have always their hands free.

As a wholesaler, Van Os Imports has various accessories within its assortment to accomodate the employee properly. If you have any inquiries regarding our security clothing? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We are eager to help you further.