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Shipping Costs

On this page you will find information about the order costs. Below you can see an overview of shipping costs per box. All amounts shown here are exclusive of VAT.

Shipping price each box up to 30 kilo each Country:

Austria  €11.00
Belgium  €7.00
Bulgaria  €17.50
Corsica  €21.00
Croatia  €31.00
Czech Republic              €15.00
Denmark  €11.00
England  €9.00
Estonia  €21.00
Finland  €14.00
France  €6.50
Germany  €6.50
Greece  €17.50
Hungary  €16.00
Iceland  €40.00
Ireland  €14.00
Italy  €11.00
Latvia  €21.00
Lithuania  €21.00
Luxembourg  €9.00
Monaco  €18.50 (Excl. T2 document €57)

€31.00 (Excl. document cost €57.)
Handling charges:
1 t/m 4 colli approx. €27
5 t/m 8 colli approx. €54

HS Code costs: €2,50 each
Poland  €16.00
Portugal  €13.50
Romania  €21.00
Slovakia  €16.00
Slovenia  €21.00
Spain  €13.50
Sweden  €14.00

€16.00 (Excl. document cost.)

Document costs
1 t/m 4 colli approx. €27
5 t/m 8 colli approx. €54

HS Code costs: €2,50 each

For more questions about shipping costs, send an email to