Xtreme precision
The air soft guns technology is continuously evolving, increasing air soft guns shooting performance, but the shooting performance increase is just theoretical if the BB's used don't feature Xtreme Precision dimension, sphericity, hardness and weight values. Today's air soft guns feature impressive rates of fire often over 1800 BB's per minute. The Xtreme Precision BB's are designed and manufactured using cutting edge technology and first-class raw materials and go through a meticulous quality control process to ensure that each and every BB inside one bag features exactly the same size, tolerance and weight as all the other BB's inside the same bag and, at the same time, ensuring that each BB features a performance-increasing perfect and smooth mirror-like polished surface.
Xtreme precision Biodegradable
The Xtreme Precision biodegradable BB's are certified to be made of Polylactate, a natural biodegradable polymer rapidly degradable in compost. A big variety of BB's on the market is claimed to be biodegradable but a very few brands claims are supported by valid lab tests. The Xtreme Precision "precision Biodegradable BB's "are supported by multiple test analysis performed by prestigious and world-wide renowned test labels in order to certify their compliance with all applicable standards including EN71 part 3: 1994-12+AC/07.02,EC1907/2006 (REACH) and ASTMD-6400-99 (Standard Specifications for Compostable Plastics). The Xtreme Precision " Precision Biodegradable BB's" are certified by the Italian indipendent test lab CSI (IMQ Group) to be BIODEGRADABLE. For more information about the brand and the BB's, check the Youtube videos below.