Introducing: Task Force 2215
Task Force 2215 is a new premium brand in the field of outdoor and tactical gear. The idea for the TF-2215 brand came from people experienced in the tactical world.
Leveraging over 65 years of experience in military equipment, and an increased demand for high quality and modular gear, the Van Os Imports Company has started a new line of tactical gear and apparel by the brand TF-2215.​

The TF-2215 brand focuses on the development of multi functional tactical gear and outdoor apparel. Well-thought-out gear for both the adventurous outdoors man and the tactical lifestyle.
As a premium brand, we strive to develop complete modular and multipurpose gear. Equipment made of top notch materials and fabrics such as Cordura, YKK, Duraflex.
With modular/multipurpose, we mean gear that can be completely adapted to your own specific style and needs.

Take a look at our products and if you want more information, feel free to contact us.