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More info
Wholesale Van Os Imports is official dealer of MRE kit brand Tactical Foodpack. A nice addition within the wide outdoor segment of Military Outdoor Wholesale Van Os Imports.
The idea for Tactical Foodpack came from a medic in the Estonian Special Operations Force who in his everyday work was faced with complicated conditions that put both physical and mental health to the test.
From this perspective, Tactical Foodpack created a product line that offers a long shelf-life with no added preservatives or additives – it’s all natural, honest, and has a home-made feel to it.
Just pour hot water on the food, wait a beat, and enjoy delicious flavors straight from the pouch.

Tactical Foodpack's kits are designed for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Especially for those looking for easy-to-carry meals that are also lightweight and high in energy.
TFP products are perfect not only for the Special Forces, but also for the everyday hiker, sailor, mountain climber or professional extreme athlete. It is for anyone who pursues an active lifestyle and appreciates a healthy diet.

Check out the range of Tactical Foodpack below at Military-Outdoor Wholesale Van Os Imports B.V.