The early years
In 1939, the brothers Van Os started a business under the name “Brothers Van Os”. The brothers started their trade in the farming environment of a small village called Benschop,where the current Van Os Imports B.V. still thrives. Trade was mainly done in theagricultural sector, aimed at the fourage goods industry. However, The Brothers Van Os were faced with the arrival of the Second World War, which meant a tough time for the business in the Netherlands.

The years after the war
While the Dutch society started with rebuilding their lives after the war, the brothers Van Os discovered a new special kind of business; the trade in military goods and remaining army stock destined for army units in the Second World War. Their trade started with the purchase of a military surplusin army stock from the American Army Units who were settled in Europe during the second world war. Their new products consisting of jerry cans, textile and other redundant army materials resulted in the start of something special in an extraordinary and adventurous industry. The business activities consisted mainly of the trade in military goods. All these goods were stored inthe pastures and barns behind the farmhouse of the Van Os Family. There were literally large piles of military material in the pastures behindthe house of the Van Os family. 

A new business premises
Due to the successful business, a new company building was necessary. The big piles of military goods had to be stored in storage buildings from now on. A new company building became reality. The first stone was placed by Floris van Os, the son of Gert van Os, the founder of the company. 

A new generation
The business in military surplus increased and son Floris van Os started to get more ambition for the business. Due to this, a new generation Van Os found his way into the family business. 

Import of new products
From the knowledge Van Os acquired over the years, the company expanded. Currently, products were often imported from the United States and Europe. However, an ever-changing market with new opportunities came on the trail of the Van Os family. Due to these developments, Van Os came in contact with the import of new products from the Far East in the late 1980's. 
Due to the rise of advanced technologies, product import from over the world became more accessible. Van Os responded fast to this business
opportunity and started with importing different products from the far east. A whole new product range, focusing on the military and outdoor equipment, was born. 

The first trademarks
Van Os Imports realized that introducing new products also includes strong brand names that cover the load. And so Van Os filed the first official own brand names. The new brands, namely: Fostex Garments, Fosco Industries, Stealth, Kosumo and Longhorn were created. Brands with target groups; military, outdoor, biker and security.

Wholesale Van Os imports b.v. 

Due to the introduction of Van Os own trademarks, an extensive product range and unique products, Van Os became a trusted name in the military and outdoor industry. The range of products became wider and deeper and the business in original army surplus became less. The demand for new unique and qualitative products increased and “wholesale Van Os Imports B.V.” became the new name of the company, as it still is nowadays. 

Another new business premises 
In 2003, another decision was made; the build of a complete new company complex started. A thoughtful innovative building with logistic efficiency, automatization and big storage possibilities. From this new complex with a storage capacity of 7500m2, the activities of Van Os Imports were continued. 

B2B Webshop
In the years from 2000, the rise of the Internet era made a huge leap. Van Os Imports B.V. could not lag behind in this area either. The first webshop became a fact. Nowadays, the entire business depends on a well thought-out and innovative B2B E-commerce platform where customers can order items easily and quickly, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

101 INC. Airsoft division
With a focus on new developments in the industry, in 2010 came the need for a new trademark in the range of military products. Due to this, the new brand “101 Incorporated” was introduced. This brand had to cover a new range of tactical products and gear with excellent quality. 
With a vision focused on military and tactical products, a new opportunity appeared for the 101 INC brand in 2010; the upcoming popularity of the simulation game “Airsoft”. A sport where looks and feels must be as realistic as possible. With the coming of airsoft, the 101 INC brand got a new purpose and new challenge. As we speak today, the 101 INC brand exists out of a full range of tactical gear and airsoft products. 

Van Os Imports Today
Van Os Imports B.V. is known today as one of the major players within the worlds of Army, Navy, Airsoft, Outdoor, Biker, Security and Aviation products. With a large-scale and complete productrange that is offered by professional brands, Van Os Imports serves the European market. Thanks to a professional B2B webshop, efficient logistics and extensive automation, Van Os Imports has grown into an innovative company with the ambition to grow and offer a unique productrange range to its customers.

Premium Brand Task Force 2215
With a business view focused on the developments in the European market, Van Os imports discovered that there is a high demand for quality products in the sector. Products that can be used versatile and which are made of high-quality materials. With the new brand Task Force 2215, Van Os Imports serves the group of tactical & outdoor professionals who crave multi-usable and durable gear.

During the development of the TF-2215®, attention has been focused on creating modular products that can be completely adapted to people's own specific needs. Products that can be used in different setups for any outdoor activity of tactical session, with the same product.