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Frequently asked questions

Can I add something to my previous placed order?

  • Unfortunately it is no longer possible to add something to an already placed order. We see all additions as a new order!

Can I collect my order in the warehouse myself?

  • Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. You can only order by our online store.

Can I also pick up my web order?

  • Yes, that's no problem. After placing your order, contact us by telephone or email and we will inform you when your order is ready. 

How can I become a customer?

  • You can register your company on our website by filling out the registration form. After this you can view our wholesale prices and place your first order right away.

I cannot find an article, what now?

  • With the search function, you can find most of our product. If you still can't find the specific product, you can always contact us by mail of phone.  

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

  • After we shipped out your order, you will automatically receive an email with a Track & Trace link to follow your shipment.