Are you looking for Sluban toys for your store or web store? Van Os Imports is your wholesaler in Sluban Army toys. We are selling various Sluban Army toys for the business market.

Sluban is a new toys brand in construction toys. Sluban has various themes and has a good pricing. Van Os Imports offers the complete Sluban Army toys assortment. In this category you will find i.e. vehicles, boats, helicopters and airplanes. An important advantage of Sluban, is that it will fit on other well known brands of construction toys.

Besides Sluban Army, we also offer other Sluban themes. You can combine these themes. Because of the unique Sluban figures and parts, your customers will have the ability to create their own world. It provides pleasure for young and old. 

Which Sluban Army and Sluban toys do we have in our assortment?

Van Os Imports has various Sluban Army and Sluban construction kits in their assortment. One of the popular version of the Sluban Army collection, is the Transport helicopter. This Transport helicopter has two driven propellers.
This Sluban Army helicopter will be delivered with four figures and a car, which will be transported through the air with a towing rope. This army helicopter is suitable for children onwards 6 years old.

Van Os Imports has as a wholesaler for your store or company, also other Sluban Army toys in their assortment. The Sluban Launch Rocket System is a very extended kit. This kit has 2 vehicles, each with a different task. The first vehicle carries a protection system, which can detect possible attacks. The second Sluban Army vehicle has a anti-rocket defense system. Also included in this kit are 5 Sluban Army figures with machine guns and other army accessories.

At last we have another version of the Sluban Army collection. This complete Sluban toys kit has in total 5 vehicles. These consists of a patrol vehicle, a terrain vehicle, a truck, a tank and a helicopter. In total this kit has 10 action figures, each with their own task.

Besides Sluban Army toys, Van Os Imports has also other Sluban themes. We have also various fire trucks and police cars and are available in 2 sizes. Both sizes will be delivered with accessories. The Sluban fire truck has 3 action figures . These action figures carries a shovel, a megaphone and a fire extinguisher. With the included traffic cones you can setup a perimeter.

Van Os Imports has also a few construction kits for girls in their assortment and has often pink colors. With these kits we have the right Sluban toys for boys and girls!

If you want to sell as a shop or company Sluban Army or Sluban construction kits? At Van Os Imports you are at the right place!

If you have any inquiries regarding our Sluban toys or do you want to know which Sluban Army construction kits we would recommend you for your store? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We are eager to help you further

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