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101INC Military Parka

Our 101 INC Military Parka is a warm jacket that is designed to protect against the elements of winter. Military parkas are specially developed to prevent rain, cold and wind. The 101 INC military jacket is originally based on the original M-65 Field Jacket developed by the United States military. 

Originate of Military Parkas  

The original M-65 Field Parka was introduced by the United States military service in 1965 to replace the M-1943 field jacket, which was designed during World War II. The M-65 Field Jacket is a durable and practical jacket that stands out in length. The parka falls over the hips and is characterized in that way. Parkas have been on the streets for many years and are well known within the fashion industry.

Over the years, the original military parka has been developed and marketed in quite a few variants. Still used in the U.S. military, the M-65 Parka is known for being a highly durable and practical military jacket that will last for years. In short, a parka is both tough and functional and is a very comfortable piece of clothing during the winter.

For whom? 

The military parka was originally developed for people in military service. The jacket is part of the standard equipment of many modern armies and has served as the standard military jacket for years. Over time, however, this jacket has been used by many more target groups than just military personnel. The jacket is also very popular in the outdoor industry. The parka is often used for activities such as bushcraft, airsoft, hiking, hunting and just for daily use. 

The parka has also become a well-known icon in the fashion world. Many famous fashion brands come with trendy parkas in all kinds of variants. You see this coat a lot on the street and is not to be missed due to its characteristic length. 

The 101INC Military Parka  

As a military / outdoor company, Wholesale Van Os Imports has developed the 101 INC Military Parka with the original purpose of this jacket in mind. The American army did not invent this jacket for fun, it had to be a durable and functional jacket that could take a beating.

During the development of the 101INC parka, Van Os Imports has thought of all the features that a military parka jacket should have. The 101INC parka is warm, windproof, water-repellent and is additionally equipped with a snow catcher. The snow skirt, an elastic band on the inside of your jacket, prevents wind and water/snow from entering the jacket from below during outdoor activities such as skiing / snowboarding.

In addition to heat regulation, ventilation is also very important with a jacket that is used for outdoor activities. That is why we have added a removable fleece vest in our 101INC parka made of 100% breathable polyester. Furthermore, for extra ventilation zippers have been added under the armpits. This ensures that you sweat less when you are warm.

The parka is also equipped with 2 large pockets on the front, a storage pocket on the sleeve and the jacket is provided with high-quality YKK zippers.

 “In short, a warm and comfortable jacket that certainly does well during the colder days. The features of the original military M-65 parka, in a new look.” 

Read the features of our 101 INC parka below:

  • Equipped with removable fleece vest
  • Fleece Vest made of 100% polyester
  • 2 large side pockets with press studs and hook and loop closure
  • Breathable properties
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Equipped with snow skirt
  • Ventilation zippers under the armpits
  • Hood with visor
  • YKK zippers  

Colors: USA Woodland, Dutch Camouflage, O.D. Green, Black
Sizes: S – M – L – XL – XXL – XXXL
Weight: 1.6 Kg

Click here to view the Military Parka. Are you consumer and searching for this jacket?
Search on Google for ‘101inc military parka’ and you’ll find several dealers of our products including the parka.