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241298 TF-2215 Molle combat belt set


Task Force 2215® Tactical Molle Belt
TF-2215 offers this Tactical Molle Belt also as a complete set, preconfigured with basic Molle pouches.

The Tactical Molle Belt is equipped with the following Molle pouches:

  • Mobile phone pouch which will current Smart phones or a small notebook
  • Dump pouch (dimensions 19 x 29 cm) has the capacity to store various magazines like AK-47, M4 and various Pistol magazines. The mesh bottom prevents of built-up of sand or debris.            
  • Medic Pouch Large. This Medic pouch is the largest of two Medic pouches which we offer, and has a lot of room to accommodate all your essential medical supplies.
    This Medic has a hook and loop rip-off panel, reinforced with snap-buttons in the corners to prevent accidental loss.
  • Small Pouch. This pouch will fit a pocket knife or a small flashlight.
  • Universal Pistol Pouch. It will fit all popular pistols including mounted weapon lights because of the full hook and loop adjustment.
  • Circular Pouch. A small multi-purpose pouch to store small items like earplugs, batteries, keys, coins, asperines, etc.​

Although this is a preconfigured set, feel free to customize it to your own needs.
On the left part of the Belt there is still room to attach i.e. Molle pistol/rifle pouches, etc.


Weight (gr): 1300.00
Brand: TF-2215
Customs tariff number 63079098
Brandname Task Force 2215
Brand description

At Task Force 2215 we offer a wide range of tactical and outdoor products designed to bring comfort and modularity in to your outdoor lifestyle. Tactical products such as plate carriers, combat belts, molle pouches and various other tactical gear which will serve you well in the field. The TF2215 apparell is designed for both the adventurous outdoorsman as the tactical professionals. Purpose-built products with a clean and practical design!