Box Army Paint 400 ml. 6 pieces



Fosco Industries® Army Paint

High Quality Army Paint Spray Quick dry 400 ml.
This top quality paint is perfect for painting weapons, textiles, tools, equipment and vehicles.
Easy removable from most of surfaces. Shake well before use​!

Physical and Chemical Characteristics:
Base: Alkyd resin
VOC-content: Approximately 83% w/w
Solid content: Approximately 17% w/w
Gloss: Mat <5 at an angle of 60°
Dust dry: After 10 to 20 minutes
Tack free: After approximately 45 minutes
Hardened/re-sprayable: After 16 hours
Heat resistant: To 110°C

These aerosols can only be ordered in boxes of 6 pieces!
When ordering, enter 1, you will receive 1 box of 6 pieces. If you enter 2, you will get 2 boxes = 12 pieces.

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Fosco Industries is a renowned Outdoor brand. With Fosco Industries we develop essential Military & Outdoor Equipment for the adventurous lifestyle. Quality gear to fulfill the needs of modern day explorers and outdoor enthusiasts during their hiking trails, bushcraft activities and worldwide travels. With Fosco Industries equipment, you can push boundaries in the big outdoors!