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D-Day 75th Anniversary

June 6, 1944, better known as "D-Day", marked the start of a long summer for the Allied Forces of Great Britain, the United States, Canada and France. The invasion on the beaches of Normandy began with a battalion of more than 150,000 soldiers of the aforementioned nationalities with the aim of defeating German forces in the hope of ending the Second World War. The victory of the Allies was a crucial turning point in the war and eventually led to the end of this terrible period.

To think back to this crucial moment from the Second World War, Wholesale Van Os Imports B.V. developed a special range of D-Day products. Think of Airborne baseball caps, D-Day license plates and D-Day flags. A specially developed range of military products to remember D-Day.

At Wholesale Van Os Imports you can purchase D-Day products for your store / web store. Our D-day flags, D-day emblems and airborne products are provided with the Fostex WWII Series label under which we sell the products.