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The MA-1 bomber jacket from Fostex Garments has been one of the most popular jackets in our product range for years. Based on the authentic MA-1 flight jacket from the US Airforce, the MA-1 bomber jacket has been popular in the fashion and security world for years.

Origin of the MA-1 Bomber Jacket
The MA-1 bomber jacket was designed in the 1950s and 60s and served as a jacket for pilots of the US Airforce and US Marine Corps. The MA-1 bomber jacket was created thanks to the invention of the jet aircraft.During the first missions of the jet plane, pilots wore fleece-lined leather jackets to combat the cold like in the propeller plane. Jet planes could only fly much higher and in colder temperatures than propeller planes. When the leather jacket got wet from the rain, it frozen in the cold temperatures, making the jacket cold and uncomfortable. The B-15 Jacket was designed to solve this problem. The B-15 was initially made of cotton, but later it was produced in nylon.

Later the B-15 Jacket was replaced by the MA-1 Bomber jacket. The MA-1 is designed for year-round use in cold and warm weather. The inner lining of the MA-1 is in the color orange and that has a reason; if pilots had to make an emergency landing, they could turn the jacket over, which made them better to be found.

The Fostex Garments® Bomber Jacket
We at Van Os Imports have designed a reproduction of the MA-1 based on the original MA-1 flight jacket. Our MA-1 bomber jacket is made from strong nylon material just like the original MA-1. The jacket has a low collar and two large side pockets on the front. The MA-1 is used for many purposes, for example as a security jacket (black variant), but also simply as a winter or intermediate jacket. Due to the MA-1's orange interior, it can be worn inside out as well. The MA-1 is available in many different colors and ranges from XXS to XXXL.

Features MA-1 Bomber Jacket:

  • Made of strong nylon
  • Based on the original MA-1 Flight Jacket
  • Orange inside (can be worn inside out)
  • Ideal for colder days

Colors: Green / Blue / Black / Woodland / Urban / GM Gray