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Lumberjack shirt

The lumberjack shirt is completely back again. The lumberjack shirt is at the moment very popular in the outdoor and fashion industry and in the streetwear scene a true icon. The lumberjack shirt goes perfectly with the craze and is of very good quality as well

Where does the lumberjack shirt come from?
The pattern of the lumberjack shirt is originally from Scotland and people often worn it there. As with the Scottish kilt, there is a square pattern in the lumberjack shirt. Cowboys from America who worked on the land took over the Scottish trend, the lumberjack shirt became a true icon among Cowboys and a real must-have. Later, the lumberjack shirt also became a real trend among the rest of the population, mainly because Hollywood stars started wearing the lumberjack shirt.

Who is the lumberjack shirt for?
The multifunctional Lumberjack shirt is used for different purposes. As mentioned before, the lumberjack shirt is completely back again. The shirt is mainly worn in the streetwear scene and is known for being easy to combine with jeans or cargo pants. Not only in the streetwear scene the lumberjack shirt is worn a lot, it is also very popular for casual use or in the outdoor world.

The lumberjack shirt by Van Os Imports
We at Van Os Imports have had the lumberjack shirt in our product range for quite some time. The lumberjack shirt is made of 100% cotton and mainly serves as a jacket. The shirt is double layered for extra warmth and comfort. The lumberjack shirt is of very good quality and has an excellent fit.

Colors: Black/Red - Black/Blue - Black/Green - Black/Gray