The Fostex Garments BDU pants is one of the most populair pants in our collection. The BDU pant is a lightweight pants and mainly used for outdoor activities. Besides outdoor activities, the BDU pants is also perfect as work pants or security pants.

BDU - Battle Dress Uniform
The BDU pants were developed in the early 1980s and are designed in America. BDU stands for Battle Dress Uniform. The BDU pants were worn by the U.S. Army in the early 1980s and has since been incorporated into each U.S. Armed Forces. Initially, the BDU pants were distributed in limited numbers to commanders, officers and generals. A month later, the BDU pants were distributed to all U.S. Army military personnel. The BDU pants were used as a replacement for the outdated OG-107 uniforms in the color olive drab. The changes that the BDU pants brought with relative to the OG-107 were the adjustable waist and refinements in stitching and the fit.

Over the years, the BDU pants have changed in terms of fit and material. The first batch of BDU trousers consisted of 50/50 nylon and cotton. After a mission in Grenada in 1983 complaints arose about the heat retention of the BDU pants, which led to the introduction of Hot Weather BDU pants, made of 100% ripstop cotton. The Hot Weather BDU trousers were also unsuccessful, where rapid wear and frayed cuffs forced another BDU trouser to be designed. in 1996 these new BDU pants also came, it was introduced as the Enhanced Hot Weather BDU pants. These pants consist of a mix of 50/50 ripstop nylon and cotton poplin and are still used today in several countries.

De Fostex Garments BDU Pants  
Due to high demand within Europe, Van Os Imports has developed BDU pants under the brand Fostex Garments. The Fostex Garments BDU pants are used in several categories, such as work, security, outdoor and for casual use. The Fostex BDU pants are made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and are wide across the legs, this gives the pants a loose fit. The BDU pants are made of very strong nylon and cotton and have the characteristic that they last for years, wear is something that the BDU pants hardly know. The model of the Fostex Garments BDU pants is based on the American model, which is still used today in all armed forces in several countries

Features Fostex Garments BDU pants:

  • Lightweight
  • Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Loose fit
  • Strong quality

Colors: Green / Blue / Black / Khaki / Woodland / Urban / DTC / multi / 3 klr. Desert / Digital camo / Ital. Camo / Belgian camo / ACU
Sizes: XXS - XS -S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL - 4XL - 5XL
Weight: 0.5 Kg

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