Do you want to buy army paint or camouflage paint for your store or web store?
Van Os Imports is a wholesaler in army paint and sells various types for the business market. With our brand, Fosco Industrial, we have developed a wide range of army paints. The Fosco Army Paint range consists of well-known military colors, such as Olive Drab, DDR Green and Forest Green. Military colors from both the Second World War and modern army colors.

Van Os Imports is as a wholesaler of camouflage and army paint, the right provider. We have a large assortiment of army paint. Form Mud brown to forest green and battleship grey. The army paint is available in cans or spray cans. Besides that, the paint is from high quality and dries quickly.

Fosco Army paint
Fosco army paint is one of the market leaders within the army paint segment. This brand is well known of its quick drying properties. It is a quality brand that we as wholesaler are proud of. At van Os Imports you have the choice of various sorts of army paint from the brand Fosco. Fosco army paint is available in grey, brownish colors and forest and olive-like colors and will be delivered in spray cans of 400ml. These spray cans are mainly used to paint weapons, tools, vehicles and equipment.

The advantage of army paint is that it is easy to remove from most surfaces. Besides that, the army paint is dust dry in 10 till 20 minutes and stick-free in approximately 45 minutes. Van Os Imports has also the Fosco paint in cans of 1 liter. As with the Fosco spray cans and paint cans, we recommend to shake or stir properly before use. The drying time of the paint in cans, is a bit longer than with the spray cans. The gloss grade of the paint in cans is matt. The colors of both spray cans and paint cans are the same. At last, Van Os delivers also army paint in smaller spray cans of 150ml. Also this camouflage paint as the 400 ml spray cans, will be dry dust-free within 10 or 20 minutes and within 45 minutes stick-free. The spray cans of 150 ml are available in the colors black, brown, desert, and olive drab. The paint in the spray cans as well in the cans, are heat resistant up to 110 °C.

How can I apply army paint?
Applying army paint or camouflage paint on materials, is in most cases not comletely or even covered. Before painting it is common to use a paint primer first. As a supplier of army paint, Fosco has for this purpose, the Fosco Primer, which is specially made for applying military colors on materials and equipment.

How can I remove army paint?
For sure your customers wants to remove also the army paint again. You as a store or web store, it is recommended to take this Fosco Paint Remover in your product range. Van Os Imports recommend this remover as it is especially developped to remove Fosco Army Paint. Besides that,it is also ideal to remove old paint layers from steel and stones.

Van Os Imports wholesaler in army paint
If you as store or company wants to offer army paint, primer or remover? Van Os Imports is the right place to be! If you have any inquiries regarding our army paint or do you want to know which camouflage we can recommend you for your store? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service. We are eager to help you further!