For what is outdoor clothing been used
Outdoor clothing is meant to walk outside as comfortable as possible. It is often functional clothing in which your customers can easily move around. Outdoor clothing ensures that your customers stay warm and dry. Conserving heat is established by different layers of clothing.

The first layer of outdoor clothing must be worn next to the skin to transport the moisture to the second layer. The second layer takes care of the heat and at last, the third layer keeps the wind and rain outside. This is the outer layer.

Which kind of outdoor clothing has Van Os Imports in their assortment?
For i.e. if your customers play airsoft games, they could be exposed to bad weather conditions. These weather conditions require the appropriate outdoor clothing. With a Soft Shell Jacket, your customers will be protected against rain. The Soft Shell Jacket is water repellent and has a foldable hood. The warm reinforced collar ensures that the wind will be kept out of the neck. This item is an ideal addition to your assortment of outdoor clothing.

As a wholesaler, Van Os Imports has also other outdoor jackets in their assortment. The sniper jacket is especially made as an outdoor jacket and offers in (green) wooded areas, sufficient camouflage.

This sniper jacket has various mounting points so it can carry objects. Thanks to a handy click-system, this jacket can be adjusted to the required size.

Other outdoor clothing are ponchos for example. Poncho’s has a long length and is has various mounting eyelets. With these eyelets, your customers can fasten the poncho thoroughly to prevent water leakage at the sides of the poncho. The hood of the poncho offers protection against rain and has a drawstring.

Which kind of outdoor items has Van Os Imports in their assortment?
To fulfill as a wholesaler your customer needs, we offer besides outdoor clothing also various outdoor items. You as a company or store have the choice of various items like a survival knife, a tarp, a flask, a camouflage tent, a sleeping bag and loads of other outdoor items.

We have camouflage tents in various models. We have camouflage tents from 2 up to 4 persons available. These tents are made of 100% polyester. The 2-person tent weights just 1,5 kg and the 4-person tent weights 2,65 kg. Because it’s lightweight, it’s easy to transport. For sure your customers’ needs also tent pegs and pins to secure it to ground. Also these have Van Os in their assortment.

One of the essential outdoor items during survival or camping, is the survival knife. A survival knife is a knife which is especially designed for emergency situations. A survival knife is also meant to be as a powerful and functional tool. The S-300 survival tool is a good example of an outdoor item which meets its demand. This powerful survival knife is made of 100% metal and will be delivered in a sheath.

Of course you have customers who will stay overnight in the wilderness. Everyone knows that the evenings and nights could be very cold. Thanks to magnesium Firestarter, your customers have a handy item to start a fire. The magnesium stick will ignite a camp fire even in wet and cold weather conditions.

If you want to offer as a store or company outdoor clothing or outdoor items, at Van Os you are at the right place!

If you have any inquiries regarding our outdoor clothing or you want to know which outdoor items we would recommend for your store? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We are eager to help you further.