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WhatsApp Chat Van Os Imports B.V.

WhatsApp Chat Van Os Imports B.V.

Maybe as you’ve already noticed, it is now possible to contact us via WhatsApp on our website. The WhatsApp chat that we provide, can be found on the right bottom of the website (the blue WhatsApp icon).

If you don’t see the blue Whatsapp icon on your screen, you have to accept the statistic cookies of our website.
These cookies settings can be found here: Cookie settings

WhatsApp also made it possible to use the chat function on your computer.
Follow the steps below to learn how to use WhatsApp on your computer.

WhatsApp on PC:

  1. Visit our website and click on the blue chat icon bottom right.

  2. Click on ‘I have a question’ and choose WhatsApp.

  3. Write a (small) message and you will be automatically redirected to WhatsApp Web.

  4. Click on ‘continue to chat’.

  5. You now have a choice, you can download the WhatsApp App or choose for the Web version. If you choose Web Version, follow the steps below.

  6. You chose for WhatsApp Web. You now see a screen with a QR-Code which you need to scan with the WhatsApp App on you mobile phone.

  7. Open WhatsApp on you phone and go to settings (iPhone) of menu (Android).
    Choose now > Whatsapp Web/Desktop and scan the QR-Code on your computer screen by using your phone scanner.

  8. Now WhatsApp Web opens and you can chat with us by using your computer!

Not sure if you did it right? We are happy to help you, mail us on